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09 Nov 2022

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09 Nov 2022


Resolved: Rollback clause does not retrieve the last change

Hi Dear, You Are Very Nice and Professional. Thanks a bunch!!

First step:
I create new table as following:

CREATE TABLE departments_dup (
    dept_no CHAR(4) NOT NULL,
    dept_name VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL

Second step:
copy all depatments table to new table

INSERT INTO departments_dup
SELECT * FROM departments;

3st step: Commit;
4st step: run update clause and change all rows to the following
UPDATE departments_dup
    dept_no = 'd010',
    dept_name = 'Quality Manager'

5st: rollback;
but i can not retrive first data

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09 Nov 2022


i find my answer :-)
i must be turn off toggle autocommite mode.

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09 Nov 2022


Hi Rasoul!

Thanks for reaching out!

Thank you for letting us know you can proceed with the course!

Good luck and please feel free to post another question should you encounter any difficulties. Thank you.

The 365 Team

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