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18 Nov 2022

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20 Aug 2022


ROLLBACK example with mistake

I believe you have a mistake in ROLLBACK example. If you changed name to 'Johnson" and made COMMIT then you are not able to get back to 'Winnfield' anymore, right?

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24 Aug 2022


Hi Małgorzata!
Thanks for reaching out.

In Minute 1:50 we display Winnfield as a reference to what ROLLBACK; would have displayed otherwise; i.e. if COMMIT; had not been executed. You are right when you say "the last name should not change to 'Winnfield' since the change from 'Winnfield' to 'Johnson' occurred BEFORE the last commit". You could also think of it as: "if there was no commit executed, ROLLBACK; would have led to "Winnfield" - the last non-committed state.

Hope this helps.

Posted on:

18 Nov 2022


In the slide, the first line is written Transaction Control Language but in parentheses is written DCL , it should be written TCL.

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