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29 May 2024

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13 Jan 2023


ROLLBACK execution!

In the video example, we changed the last_name from 'Winnfield' to 'Johnson' using the UPDATE statement and then used a COMMIT statement.
When we used a ROLLBACK statement, the video showed the last_name getting changed back to Winnfield.

Now my confusion is:
Later in the video, you defined ROLLBACK as the statement which reverts the changes back to the last non-committed state and in my opinion, the video shows the changes getting reverted back to the last committed state.

So I think the ROLLBACK statement shouldn't be able to revert back to 'Winfield'. So, one of us is wrong so please clarify.

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07 Sept 2023


I think you are right. It should stay as Johnson instead of reverting back to Winnfield since the change to Johnson was followed by a COMMIT.

Posted on:

29 May 2024


Hi Aniruddha and Naveen!
Thanks for reaching out.

@: Naveen
Thanks for sharing this piece of information with the Community!

@: Aniruddha 

ROLLBACK is a statement which reverts the changes back to the last committed state. So, it should return Johnson.

Hope this helps.

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