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18 Feb 2023

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14 Nov 2021


Scatter plot - mismatched labels for axis (Seaborn part)

It looks like in Seaborn part Price is used for x-axis, and Area is used for y-axis, while naming stays Area for x and Price for y (copied from the previous graph). So either labels or arguments need to be switched around.

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15 Nov 2021


Hi Mila,
thanks for reaching out! It's possible that the labels are mismatched in one of the graphs, I'll check the code and get back to you.

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Posted on:

18 Feb 2023


Shouldn't we put the y-axis first when using the seaborn library? 

                df_real_estate['Area (ft.)'],

with the above lines of code, I get the Price on the y-axis and the area on the x-axis. 

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