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31 May 2024

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28 May 2024


sql server not found , not even once since ive downlaoded it

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Posted on:

31 May 2024


Hi Uzair!
Thanks for reaching out.

1. Start MySQL Server:
   - Click "Start MySQL Server" in the MySQL preferences window.

2. Verify Installation:
   - Run mysql --version in the terminal to check the installation.

3. Check Configuration:
   - Ensure MySQL configuration files (`my.cnf` or `my.ini`) are correct.

4. Check Port Conflicts:
   - Use lsof -i :3306 to check for other services using port 3306.

5. Check Logs:
   - Look for errors in MySQL log files (`/usr/local/mysql/data` or `/var/log/mysql`).

6. Reinstall MySQL:
   - Uninstall and reinstall MySQL if issues persist.

Hope this helps.

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