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01 Apr 2024

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07 Mar 2024


Suggestion - SQL Results

Please do add the hint of how many rows we should be getting in our answers to all exercises in order for us to see if we're doing it right.

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Posted on:

01 Apr 2024


Hi David!

Thanks for reaching out.

Thank you for your suggestion. In fact, we had been asked earlier to do this, however since within the course we ask you to do modifications on the database, it is possible that at certain points of the course you write a query correctly/solve a task correctly. In that case, different students could obtain slightly different answers, while still solving the task correctly. (The course has been made assuming a student will follow all lectures and exercises without skipping any, however we allow also referencing separate lectures/sections for students who already have some advanced knowledge). 
With that in mind, we've decided to stick to providing query solutions to the exercises as opposed to number of rows expected (in general). However, we do appreciate the feedback and will look for a way to adapt the course in case a large number of students ask us to do so. Thank you very much once again.

Hope this helps.

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