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19 Jan 2024

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22 Nov 2023


Tableau Not having correct measures or Dimensions


I trust you are well.

This course is very nice so far, thank you.

I have got a problem in loading in the data in Tableau.
As you can see the data is all jumbled up.

Please advise in what I should do.

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24 Nov 2023



When data appears incorrectly formatted in Tableau, it's often due to issues with the data source or the way Tableau is interpreting that data. Here are some steps you can take to resolve this:

1) Check Data Source Format: Ensure the format of your data source is compatible with Tableau. Common formats include Excel, CSV, and database files. If your data is in a less common format, consider converting it to a more Tableau-friendly format.
2) Inspect Data Before Import: Open your data in its native application (like Excel for .xlsx files) and check for any irregularities, like mixed data types in a single column, improper date formats, or misaligned rows and columns.
3) Data Interpretation Settings in Tableau: When you load your data into Tableau, pay attention to how Tableau interprets it. Sometimes, Tableau might misinterpret data types or delimiters, especially in CSV files. Adjust these settings if necessary.

Hope this helps!

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19 Jan 2024


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