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18 Aug 2022

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17 Aug 2022


Top top Course. Like it! Just typing these bits to meet the min title length


I just want to say you have a unique skill of communicating complex ideas into simplistic forms and I very much appreciate it. I found the Statistics course tedious because I felt it wasn't beginner friendly, but this had a soft landing for beginners and I kept praising your capacity to teach it.

Like someone posted earlier, it would be great if there were more practical exercises to help consolidate these concepts so they become more intuitive. That would massively help.

Keep doing your good work.


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18 Aug 2022


Hi Eric,
thanks so much for reaching out and for the valuable feedback. It's really great to hear you've enjoyed the probability course!
In terms of feedback, a lot of our students are channeling exactly what you're saying - that you want more practical exercises to test your knowledge. So, you're not alone in asking, and we're definitely taking notice. We're already working on how to incorporate more practical activities on the platform and I'm hopeful we'll be able to share this with you in the following months.

365 Eli

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