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07 Feb 2022

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06 Feb 2022


Visual Studio is not found in Anacoda

I do not see the Visual studio app from both the base and new environment created from Anaconda but i have Visual Studio application installed on my machine.
How do i make the Visual studio appear on the machine on Anaconda for both the base and new environment created

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Posted on:

07 Feb 2022


Hey Sylvester,

Thank you for your question!

If you are working with the latest Anaconda version, then you should be able to launch VS Code from the Anaconda Navigator (but not install). If that is not the case, please refer to any of the forums where people have described similar issues and see which of the solutions works for you.

Unfortunately, problems like these are bound to happen. With new versions, developers include new features but also remove others. Thankfully, many discussions are opened up whenever people face certain issues. As people say: Whenever it comes to programming, the Internet is your friend :)

Kind regards,
365 Hristina

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