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11 Nov 2022

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10 Nov 2022


when the user input -1 , not end , why this is happened?

user_input= int (input('enter your eage.-1 is end '))
while user_input > 0:
    print(int(input('enter the next age')))
print('the ages are ', ages)
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11 Nov 2022


Hey Roqia,

Thank you for reaching out!

Please, study the change in line 5:
In your version of the code, line 5 prints out the message 'enter the next age' but doesn't change the value of variable user_input. Therefore, when you repeat the while-loop again, user_input would not be changed to -1 which it needs to in order to exit the loop.

Hope this helps!

Kind regards,
365 Hristina

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