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21 Mar 2022

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20 Mar 2022


Why attendance was represented with 0 and 1 ?

As I understand, the attendance is nominal categorical variable.
Why have we represented using ordinal measures?
We should have used two dummy variables.
or where am I wrong ?

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21 Mar 2022


Hey Swarntam,

Thank you for your question!

When working with categorical variables, we need to transform the possible outcomes in a way that is suitable for performing calculations. Therefore, we need to assign each outcome a number. These numbers will inevitably come in order, as numbers are ordinal in nature.

Whenever the categorical variable is binary, it is most convenient to represent the outcomes as 0 and 1. It doesn't matter which number you assign to either of the outcomes. Having used Yes as 0 and No as 1 would've solved the problem equally well. The only thing that would've changed are the coefficients.

Hope this answer helps!

Kind regards,
365 Hristina

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