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18 Apr 2022

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15 Apr 2022


Why educatino depends on money equation is wrong ?

As we understood that if y is the income and x is the education so income depends on education but why the opposite is not correct ?

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18 Apr 2022


Hey Manpreet,

Thank you for your question!

What this lecture aims to explain is that we should always think about the meaning of a relationship before applying regression analysis. Assuming that income increases with years of education is reasonable. Increasing your knowledge makes you a more competitive candidate on the market :) We could, of course, talk about many exceptions, but this is a very simplified example used only to prove a point. In principle, one should consider many more factors when predicting someone's income, not only the years of education.

The reverse relationship can be, in may ways, misleading. That is, predicting the years of education, based on income. Again, this simplified example only aims to prove a point. One needs to think about whether the investigated relationship is, in fact, sensible.

Hope this helps!

Kind regards,
365 Hristina

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