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19 Jan 2023

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15 Nov 2021


Wrong values for tier calculated field

I'm having different values for tiers and i wonder is the data been changed or something wrong from my side.
noting that i have the exact same code and conditions

IF [Consumer LTV] <= { FIXED :PERCENTILE([Consumer LTV], .33) }
then "Tier 3"

ELSEIF [Consumer LTV] <= { FIXED :PERCENTILE([Consumer LTV], .66) }
then "Tier 2"

ELSEIF [Consumer LTV] <= { FIXED :PERCENTILE([Consumer LTV], 1) }
then "Tier 1"


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17 Nov 2021


Hi abdalla,
thanks for reaching out!
When loading the two databases in Tableau, you need to join them on the consumer ID column to get the correct results. You might be getting a different result, if the data has been joined on different columns (I think the purchase ID is sometimes taken by default).
Let me know if there's still an issue!

365 Eli

Posted on:

18 Nov 2021


Hello Eli,

as per the image below the join condition i chose is indeed on consumer id.


But the interface is different from the one in the course.

please advice.


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19 Jan 2023


Go to "Data Source" in the bottom left.
Double click on the "Consumers Info" connection that is in the top half of the pane.
Then drag from the left the "Purchase Info" sheet next to the "Consumers Info+"
This will force Tableau to create a join rather than a relationship.
Double click the circle in-between the tables to state what type of join you want, in this case Inner and select the Data source in the Consumer table as "Consumer ID" and the same for the Purchase table.
Hopefully this helps others with the same issue.

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