Orange cover of the 365  Data Science All In One Infographic. The infographic resource is from 365 Data Science.

The 365 Data Science All In One Infographic

The 365 Team
Data science is a relatively new field that combines various disciplines like mathematics, statistics, machine learning, data analytics and programming, which is why coming to a universal definition and understanding of this ever growing field is quite the challenge. Despite that, the 365 Data Science Team has united their efforts to create a comprehensive overview of the data science field. This free 365 Data Science pdf infographic covers the types of data, the associated data techniques, the data related professions, places of application and more, giving you a holistic picture of data science.

Who is it for

The 365 Data Science Infographic is for anyone who is interested in exploring the world of data science and is considering working as a professional data scientist, data engineer, data analyst, machine learning engineer or any other position that requires working with data to guide decision making.

How it can help you

The world of data science can be overwhelming for a person with no prior experience as it is constantly evolving, job responsibilities keep changing and new buzz terms get introduced to the data science vocabulary periodically. We have created this infographic to clear out any confusion and ease your introduction towards data science.

The 365 Data Science All In One Infographic