Best Free Data Science Resources for Beginners (2024)

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Ned Krastev 11 Apr 2024 3 min read

Data science talent is needed all over the world. Employers, both inside and outside the tech industry are always on the lookout for professionals with diverse programming, analytical, and data visualization skills to help them drive business growth, strengthen their market position, and ultimately beat their competition. And, with a steady stream of six-figure salary job offers, it is clear that companies are more than happy to pay big for the right candidates.

So, as the demand for data science professionals continues to grow, along with their compensation packages, choosing to enter the data science field is one of the best career choices you can make.

But what if you are a complete beginner and you have no idea where to start?

If that’s the case, I created this article for you. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a computer science degree or you are not a mathematics genius. Provided that you are curious about the career opportunities that data science has to offer, you can succeed in the field – as long as you are well-informed on what you need to do to get there.

In this brief post, you will find 3 invaluable free resources that will help you learn what data science is, what it is like to work in data science, how to learn data science, and of course – how to land a job as a data scientist.

You can also check out the video on the topic below or scroll down to continue reading and download the resources.

3 Best Data Science Resources for Beginners

Data Science YouTube Channels

When we first started 365 Data Science in 2017, there were much fewer resources on how to break into data science and what it actually means to work in the field. Today, there’s an abundance of amazing personalities with diverse professional experience in the industry that post relevant YouTube videos and Instagram content.

Many of our favorite creators have shared how they learned data science, and what they would do differently if they had to start over. Each of these journeys is inspiring and tells an honest story you can benefit from. Hearing what worked for others and possibly finding a common pattern in different paths to career success is a great way to obtain first-hand information that can help you on your own journey.

Here are some remarkable data scientists whose YouTube channels I believe you will find useful:

The 365 Data Science Booklet

In all honesty, I was inspired to create this article after seeing the following LinkedIn post by Eralda Dhamo.

If someone tells you to start your data science journey from a book, please don’t do it. There is a huge information in those books and web search. Take some time to better know what the term data science means and then start finding your own pattern to the data science world… I will suggest to take some minutes and read this booklet from 365 Data Science.

Of course, I appreciated the positive feedback on our resource. However, the important reason why I am sharing it is that I firmly believe what Eralda says is true. Using a booklet like the one we have prepared for you allows you to gain quick insights and map out your journey before you go ahead and start learning. Your path will be much easier if you have a solid understanding of the big picture first.

That said, here you can download our free data science booklet and go through it in minutes or an hour at most – it will be worth it.

The 365 Data Science Career Guide

Finally, I would like to recommend to you one of the best career resources the 365 Team has ever created. Our comprehensive, 33-page data science career guide is the perfect resource for you to discover:

  • why data science is a great career to explore
  • what makes it important
  • the top 5 career opportunities to look into and what kind of qualifications you need for each of them
  • how to get a job in the field of data science.

Best Data Science Resources for Beginners: Next Steps

Regardless of how you choose to learn data science – please remember that before you start, it is highly recommended to spend several hours researching and trying to gain an understanding of the big picture – why the field is so popular, what does a data person do, what kind of roles are available, and what you need to learn to achieve the desired outcome.

Once you have done that, if you decide that this is the career path you want to pursue and you are looking for a structured learning journey, we will be happy to suggest you try our learning platform. You can start for free by signing up below and see if you like the style and content of the lessons we have prepared together with some exciting industry practitioners.

Ned Krastev

Co-founder of 365 Company

Ned is a Master of Finance at Bocconi University with years of advisory experience in some of the world’s top international enterprises. A visionary and co-founder of 365 Data Science, he has helped thousands of students gain competitive advantage through his courses Introduction to Excel, Advanced Microsoft Excel, Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables, Python for Finance, and Introduction to Tableau.