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Simona Dobreva 28 Jul 2021 1 min read

international data science hackathon

Dear 365 Data Science blog readers, our friends at the Data Science Society have a new data science hackathon coming up this May. It’s called the International Data Science Hackaton - and we are excited to share some interesting details about it with you. So, check out the article below if you’d like to participate or you just want to find out more.

The Data Science Hackathon

The seventh edition of the Data Science Hackathon, organized by Data Science Society is happening in May 2020! The Online Datathon 2020 is a 48-hours competition for all data passionates to explore real-world challenges. This give the opportunity to learn from practice and by working together with like-minded people and mentors globally.

For all Data Scientists there is still an opportunity to participate virtually! We are welcoming the most passionate Datathoners to join the competition. The only requirements for the participants are to power up their laptops and come with determination to build the best data models and improve their Data Science knowledge!

The Awards!

Thanks to our great partners Ernst & Young, 365 Data Science and Imperia Online we have awards in cash , tutorials and in products of total amount of more than $16,000.

Part of the fund will go to the best solutions working on their cases - "Predicting weather disruption of public transport" and "Let's play a game!".

The participants

The Global Datathon is open for data science students coming fresh out of college, as well as experienced experts with different backgrounds and data science skills.

The Society has developed a specially tailored platform for the data fans to communicate before, during, and after the challenge. To share ideas on their solutions and team up. The participants will have the opportunity to work on their cases enriched with real data sets in collaboration with mentors and industry experts from leading data-driven companies.

At the end of the Hackathon the most devoted participants will have their machine learning and predictive analytics skills improved and will be able to brag about their Jupyter notebooks and scientific articles with real solutions to a data problem.

Datathon 2020 is the meeting point for all Data Scientists from all around the world who are thrilled to be challenged with real data science cases.

Data Science Society

Data Science Society is a volunteer organization open for all people passionate about cracking patterns and getting insights from data. The society has been building a global network of individuals, mentors, organizations, partners and data-driven companies.


From any place on earth, check our website for more info and join the Online Datathon 2020:

To make sure you save your spot, make sure you  register by May 14th!

Good luck, everyone!

Simona Dobreva

Instructor at 365 Data Science

Simona is a Cognitive Science researcher and an Honors graduate from the University of Edinburgh. Her expertise in programming and data analysis, combined with her never-ceasing strive for excellence and unique storytelling skills has helped thousands of students advance their practical skills. Apart from authoring numerous successful articles, Simona is also the author of one of the first courses in our training – Introduction to R Programming.