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Elitsa Kaloyanova 20 Oct 2021 3 min read

Fashion analytics with tableau course


My name is Elitsa -Content Manager at 365 Data Science and the author of the Data Visualization in Python, R, Excel, and Tableau, and Customer Analytics in Python courses in our program.

Today, I’m delighted to present my latest project and brand-new addition to the 365 Data Science Program – Fashion Analytics with Tableau!

I wanted to provide invaluable insights that correspond to the best practices in the industry. That’s why in this course, I partnered with an experienced executive who’s worked with some of the biggest brands in the industry. His current work contract doesn’t allow me to share more info. However, his working title as Director of Data and Analytics for one of the biggest companies in the industry speaks volumes of his expertise.

In this post, I’ll introduce you to the features of this one-of-a-kind course, as well as the practical skills it will help you develop. I’ll also tell you a bit more about myself and my work at 365 Data Science.

The 365 Data Science Fashion Analytics with Tableau Course

Why Fashion Analytics?

Business analytics and AI are the fuel of all successful global brands in the fashion industry today.

In fact, intelligent data collection and processing are factors that could guarantee them a strong competitive edge over brands that are data blind.

Fashion Analytics with Tableau will not only help you prepare for an analytics career in fashion, but it can also assist you in transforming your business if you’re a fashion entrepreneur with a clear vision for success in the future.

What’s more, every topic in the course can be adapted to a variety of online businesses. And, with the current trend of more and more businesses moving towards online venues, professionals who understand data and know how to analyze it in a meaningful way are in high demand.

Who Is This Course for?

This course is not only for fashion executives eager to incorporate data-driven decision making in their business, entrepreneurs, or people who want to work in the fashion industry. It is the perfect fit for aspiring data analysts, and anyone who is willing to enter the field of data analytics and wants to learn how to apply their knowledge in practice.

What Will You Learn in This Course?

You will learn:

  • How data can help a fashion business
  • Industry-specific application of data analytics principles
  • Fashion analytics
  • Product recommendations
  • Consumer-driven marketing
  • Digital & web analytics
  • Integrated demand forecasting
  • Supply chain analytics for fashion companies
  • Store localization, clustering, and in-store optimization
  • Pricing optimization
  • AI for uncovering fashion trends
  • How to build a dashboard for a fashion company in Tableau


To top things off, this course features a realistic hands-on case study. For the purpose, we curated a rich database of fashion-related consumer and purchase information, which you will learn how to analyze with the help of Tableau. Under my guidance, you will also create a Tableau story showing three parts of the fashion consumer journey!

Fashion Analytics with Tableau also contains valuable additional resources to help you put what you’ve learned into action. Course notes, database files - everything is included and can be downloaded easily.

Moreover, throughout the course, I will share with you examples of real market leaders, who have successfully utilized analytics to understand and meet the demands of their customers, gain a competitive edge, and, ultimately, make data-driven decisions to expand their business.

About the Author

As I mentioned earlier, I am a Computational Biologist. I have deep expertise in the fields of algorithms and data structures, phylogenetics, as well as population genetics. My academic background is in Bioinformatics with publications on constructing Phylogenetic Networks and Trees. If you're curious to learn about my experience and projects, you can find more details in this interview.

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Elitsa Kaloyanova

Instructor at 365 Data Science

Elitsa is a Computational Biologist with a strong Bioinformatics background. Her courses in the 365 Data Science Program - Data Visualization, Customer Analytics, and Fashion Analytics - have helped thousands of students master the most in-demand data science tools and enhance their practical skillset. In her spare time, apart from writing expert publications, Elitsa loves hiking and windsurfing.