New Course! Customer Churn Analysis with SQL and Tableau with Elitsa Kaloyanova

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The 365 Team 5 May 2023 12 min read

We’re thrilled to introduce the latest 365 Data Science curriculum addition: Customer Churn Analysis with SQL and Tableau by Elitsa Kaloyanova.

This course is unique because it teaches you the fundamental concepts of customer churn theory and how to use it in a real-life environment using 365's data.

To become a successful data analyst, you must first be comfortable with extracting, analyzing, and intuitively visualizing data. Furthermore, you should be able to gain insight from that data and utilize said insights to formulate strategic business objectives.

Elitsa Kaloyanova

What Is Customer Churn Analysis?

Customer churn analysis examines customer behavior to understand why a user stops using a company’s products or services. In other words, it identifies patterns and trends that may indicate why customers leave. Data analysts then use this data to develop actionable strategies for reducing churn and retaining customers.

One of the main goals of every company is to minimize customer churn. If the churn rate is higher than industry standards, as a data analyst, you’ll need to fix it. Otherwise, it can lead to the loss of many potential long-term clients for your organization. So, knowing this rate is a valuable insight for the business.

What Does the Customer Churn Analysis with SQL and Tableau Course Cover?

Analyzing customer behavior based on data is becoming necessary for any business to understand its consumer base. Any aspiring data scientist must know how to work with customer data and interpret it to drive real value for their company.

As part of the Customer Churn Analysis with SQL and Tableau course, with a real-world database, query it using MySQL, and create a Tableau dashboard based on real customer data.

What Will You Learn?

The Customer Churn Analysis with SQL and Tableau course teaches you how to define and analyze customer churn metrics, such as customer retention rate, customer re-subscription rate, customer lifetime value, and more. In the end, you’ll be able to perform the following:

  • Scale your data visualization skills
  • Create a comprehensive Tableau story
  • Query real data with MySQL
  • Gather insights from data
  • Propose strategies to improve business objectives

Who Is Your Instructor?

Elitsa Kaloyanova is a computational biologist turned data scientist with impressive expertise in algorithms, data structures, phylogenetics, and population genetics. In 2022, she headed 365’s ongoing company data analysis project aimed at improving the product and services. As part of this effort, she also analyzes customer churn.

Elitsa now turns her analysis into practical training. Her Customer Churn with SQL and Tableаu course helps aspiring data scientists and data analysts gain valuable skills through practice in a real-world example.

Customer Churn Analysis with SQL and Tableau: Next Steps

The Customer Churn Analysis with SQL and Tableau course is available on the 365 Data Science platform. Enroll now and gain valuable insight into customers’ behavior by analyzing 365 Data Science subscribers and upskill your Tableau knowledge.

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