Fashion Analytics with Tableau

with Elitsa Kaloyanova

This hands-on course is your entry into the world of data-driven fashion analytics. Discover the challenges and opportunities of employing advanced analytics solutions, and learn how the fashion industry giants are leveraging data to improve margins.

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Course Overview

Fashion analytics with Tableau is all about the exciting world of fashion, as well as the vastly expanding sector of online retail. Data-driven decision-making is crucial in this competitive world, so companies need to make smart decisions and integrate advanced statistical solutions to gain an edge in the market. This course explores a variety of topics in data analytics for fashion, and features a practical use case, where you will analyze fashion retail data and build your own story report in Tableau.

Topics covered

Career developmentdata analysisTheory

What You'll Learn

Are you interested in a career in analytics? Do you wish to learn more about digital retail and the processes involved in the multimillion-dollar fashion business? This is the course for you.

How data can help a fashion business 
Supply chain analytics for fashion companies 
How to build a dashboard for a fashion company in Tableau 
Industry-specific application of data analytics principles 
Insight from an industry expert 
How to apply data analytics to real-life problems 


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I'd separate the theory part and the practical part with Tableau into two separate courses. For now, I'm mostly interested into the theoretical introduction that this course offered. Doing the exam including Tableau will be hard cause I wasn't really interested as much in that. Other than that, the subtitles need to be reviewed. There are mistakes that need to be fixed and often the subtitles cover text in the video. Lastly, it would be great if there would be more notes in the resources.
I am astounded by the value of this course so far. I'm SO incredibly grateful to have stumbled upon it in my web research. You guys are ahead of the curve more than many fashion design schools in the USA. The learning has inspired me so much which I find really difficult when it comes to MOOG courses. The information/ pacing/ quality is superb. The animations could be less stock footagey but other than that, I give this 5+ stars. Thank you very much.
The comprehensive curriculum delves into the consumer-driven marketing, consumer analytics, digital and web analytics, and price optimisation, offering a well-rounded understanding of the fashion industry's data-driven landscape. The emphasis on real-world applications my learning experience. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to thrive in the intersection of fashion and data-driven decision-making.
Had the same issues as others with getting the file to read in the latest version of Tableau but this could be considered a "feature" by some as there is usually some issues to resolve before you can start exploring the data.
The best one in my perspective since its giving more emphasis on data driven decision making for business leaders, helping to understand the importance of data strategy
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Elitsa Kaloyanova

“In this first-class training, I will teach you how to make a major difference for a global brand by helping them optimize their processes and marketing efforts, leveraging the power of data. I’ll give you an inside look at how global fashion brands approach analytics and how you can help them solve complex problems.”

Elitsa Kaloyanova

Head of Data Content at 365 Data Science

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Fashion Analytics with Tableau

with Elitsa Kaloyanova

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