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22 May 2024

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17 Jun 2023


Resolved: Can Stored Procedures can be run directly from Custom Sql window in tableau ??

Hi Team & Fellow learners community,

Is it possible to run or call Stored Procedures directly from the Custom Sql window in Tableau??

What is the best practices.!!

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Posted on:

22 May 2024


Hi Siva!

Thanks for reaching out!

In Tableau, the Custom SQL window allows you to write and run SQL queries directly against the database where your data is stored. This means you can ask the database specific questions and get back the results you need for your analysis. 

Stored procedures, however, are like predefined sets stored on the database server. While you can use them to do complex tasks and calculations, Tableau's Custom SQL window isn't set up to directly run these stored procedures. Instead, you'd typically use other tools or write code in your application to execute them. So, in Tableau, you'd stick to writing regular SQL queries in the Custom SQL window to get the data you want.

Hope this helps.

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