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17 Apr 2021

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15 Apr 2021


Resolved: Tableau Bar chart centering

In the video for chart 1 of problem 1 for SQL+Tableau, when centering the bar over the x axis value, the fixed start and end values for the axis was adjusted via a slider. For the latest version of tableau public, the slider is not there and when i put the start value as 1990 and and end value as 2002 and the bars are centered, half the width of the bars for the start and end value are being cut off. Any way to get around this?

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Posted on:

17 Apr 2021


Hi Mohamed!

Thanks for reaching out.

Yes, it is true that Tableau changes its functionalities in the different versions, while its fundamental functionalities remain the same.
Usually, Tableau requires from us to add 1 year before the earliest and 1 above the latest as fixed ends. Therefore, we need to fix 1989-2003 if we want to see the entire bars for 1990 and 2002 displayed on the chart.
That's also related to the positioning/alignment we've chosen - whether we want to align the bars to the left, center, or right, for a given year.

Hope this helps but please feel free to reply and/or support your question with screenshots should you need further assistance.

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