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21 May 2023

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07 Jan 2023


Can you combine Match and Indirect (for selecting the lookup array) in the same function?

I tried combining match and indirect in the same function for the JAN column in the task exercise but I got a #REF! error. Is this combination possible?

Here is my function =VLOOKUP($B21,INDIRECT(C20),MATCH($C5,$B$5:$N$5,0),FALSE) with the Indirect(C20) referring to a named cell range for Jan from the original company X table

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Posted on:

21 May 2023


Hi Misan!

Thanks for reaching out.

Please excuse us for the belated answer.

Can you please share the file with us so that we can look into it in detail? Having the file at hand at our end will help us be precise in our answer.

Looking forward to your answer.

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