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08 Jul 2024

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21 Jun 2024


Resolved: data analysis steps

As someone who never worked in such business, I already know the steps to do the analysis but I am not always full aware of what to be included in my solution, for example I might fotget to put a client filter on my dashboard. 

is there a way to check how valiable  and useful my analysis without consulting others, or this is something people develope at work.

I want to also know if someone like you can do a perfect analysis and dashboard even in unrelated fields of your study.


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Posted on:

08 Jul 2024


Hi Doaa, 

thanks for reaching out! I'd suggest that you always show your dashboard and get feedback on what possible filters you can include. I think that the most important part of a dashboard is to serve the end user, so they could see and suggest potential further functionality in a dashboard. Actually it's best to show your work even during the process, so that you can get feedback as early as possible on what the client needs.

I'd say that I feel comfortable creating dashboard in different fields unrelated to my own, but I always communicate and work with the client during the process to ensure they get the best result possible. At end of the day it's not about creating a perfect dashboard, but about delivering the best solution to the client. 

Hope this helps!


365 Eli

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