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01 Dec 2023

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01 Dec 2023


DO you help with job?

I need to switch to a job. I have 9+ years of experience. 

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01 Dec 2023


Hello Neeraj,

Thanks for reaching out!

When it comes to job placement assistance, we are constantly developing our B2B Platform that allows our business members and partner employers find prospective employees amongst our brightest students.

Therefore, we advice you to use our Resume Builder and exceed in your course exams and learning performance as you will have higher chances of getting noticed by employees on our platform!

We also have a robust Newsfeed where our students exchange thoughts and experience regarding various topics that are subject to the Data Science field, and I believe you would find those interactions meaningful and stimulating to continue on your learning journey.

In addition, here are a few blog posts about finding jobs in data science that I think you might helpful:

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Tips and Advice on How To Get Your First Data Science Internship

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Hope this helps!

The 365 Team

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