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06 Mar 2021

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14 Feb 2021


Does the cross join SQL video require updating??

2:00 mins into this video for CROS JOIN in SQL, there is a "Alter Table sales ADD .... ; that pop ups. It doesn't look relevant to CROSS JOINS. Just thought to bring this to your attention..

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25 Feb 2021


Hi KT!

Thanks for reaching out.

Please accept my apologies for the delayed response.

Thank you for pointing this out! I have provided the corrected version of the video to my colleagues. It might take around a day for it to appear on your end, hopefully no longer than that.
Thank you once again.

Hope this helps.

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06 Mar 2021


How to Import Data into Windows Remote Desktop?

Hi, I use a Mac laptop. I was able to successfully launch the Windows Remote Desktop and access PowerBI.
However, I am unable to log onto my personal email address to download the dataset. Is there an easier way?
I keep running into Internet Explorer error messages every time I try to access a webpage..

Kindly let me know.


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