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07 Nov 2022

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06 Nov 2022


I cannot add the Date Range to my dashboard in Tableau

Thanks very much to this course.

I am working through the dashboard in tableau. My only issue is that when I go back to the dashboard and drop down to add the Date Range, I could not find it in the drop down list to add. Is there something I am not doing correctly ?

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Posted on:

07 Nov 2022


Hi Martin,
thanks for reaching out!
One option why you might not be seeing the filter is if you've created it at on a different sheet, rather than the one in your dashboard you're looking in. So, first make sure that in your dashboard, you're looking in the dropdown menu for the chart where you created, the time filter.
If it still isn't visible I'd suggest you try and create the filter again on a different sheet and check if it's showing then on the dashboard.
Let me know if that resolve the issue and if not we'll try and troubleshoot the issue in more detail.

365 Eli

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