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09 Oct 2022

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05 Oct 2022


I want Become Data mining Officer HOW I will Become

data mining and big data mining

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09 Oct 2022


Hi Kelvin!

Thanks for reaching out.

This is a position that not only requires understanding on database management and organization, but also soft skills such as great communication skills in the given language, as well as some presentational skills.
There are several courses on our platform that can help you prepare for such a position. Among others, I'd say the most relevant are the ones related to Excel, SQL, and data visualization. Here are the links to these courses for your convenience:
Perhaps, you can start by referring to the following two courses that provide a more holistic idea on working with data today.
Then, you may want to work towards obtaining specific technical skills:
Data visualization:

I'd say the order in which you take these courses doesn't really matter. What would matter is work on the material provided in this list of courses.

Hope this helps.

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