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30 Aug 2022

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18 Nov 2021


Installation of Visual Studio Code within Anaconda for Mac

I noticed the instructor switched to windows environment when he switched from Jupyter on Mac for the unit on 'Capstone project - Computer Vision'.  I checked internet to check if Anaconda supports VS Code to be launched from Anaconda navigator and it said current version of Anaconda includes VS Code.  But when I actually installed (and re-installed) Anaconda, VS Code was not installed at all.  Why is the instructor switching to Windows environment to install VS Code and also install OpenCV in Windows environment?  I'm having a hard time installing VS Code within Anaconda on Mac and even after installing OpenCV and try to run it in stand-alone VS Code it doesn't recognize OpenCV code.  So, the question is Q1: is it possible to install VS Code within Anaconda on Mac?  Q2: any thoughts on why OpenCV is not working with stand-alone version of VS Code on Mac?
Thank you.

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Posted on:

30 Aug 2022


Good question. I also have a Mac and now I am scared to even get started. UGH! Have you ever discovered what is the solution and how you can use VS on a Mac? Thanks!!

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