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22 May 2024

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30 May 2023


Practice Exam : Question 1

Dear 365datascience team,

Since there's already a colume of "dept_no" in the table of "t_dept_emp", I think it's sufficient enough for Jessica to find the answer with only two tables(Answer 2).

After all, the question doesn't require us to return every department's name, right?

Thank you!

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Posted on:

22 May 2024


Hi Chun!

Thanks for reaching out!

Actually, we need the t_departments table also because we should obtain the particular department for each of these employees. So, we have to use three tables. The t_employees table for the gender and the t_departments and t_dept_emp tables to obtain the department name – for example Customer Service – this name is stored in the t_departments table. We have to link these two tables because the one points to the other with PK-FK relationship.

Hope this helps.

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