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07 Apr 2023

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03 Apr 2023


Resolved: Stacked Area Chart - Base R

This is more of a comment than a question...

1.  You don't need to load the dplyr package to remove a column - in this case column 5 or variable "Other."

Just use the Subset command in base R and keep it simple.

temp <- df_engine_types[ , -5]      # This removes column 5.

2.  In addition I wouldn't use the reshape2 package to Combine "Gas", "Petrol" and "Diesel" categories into one column.  Keep it simple and use the base R reshape.

  tempLong <- reshape(temp, 
          direction = "long",
          varying = c("Gas", "Petrol", "Diesel"),    # columns that will be stacked into one column
          v.names = "amount",                             # Name of the column with fuel values.
          timevar = "fuel",                                   # Name of column for the various fuels
          times = c("Gas", "Petrol", "Diesel"),   # the fuels for the "fuel" variable.
          idvar = "Year"                                    # Your id column


# To Remove the row names (if needed) use...

 rownames(tempLong) <- c()         # Remove row names


My $0.02

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07 Apr 2023


Hi T. Serghides, 

thanks for reaching out and for your comments, I'll consider adding an alternative script with your suggestions to the course materials. 

Happy learning!


365 Eli

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