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28 Dec 2023

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18 Nov 2023


terrible quiz question and answer

Here is the quiz question and "correct" answer:

Which of the following is associated with the meaning of the term "analytics"?

"correct" answer: Essentially, analytics involves applying reasoning to the components derived from an analysis

What kind of nonsense answer is that after having a whole video about how analytics is about future predictions.  It really muddies the waters.  Like you just tried to clearly define a term and then you make us question the thing that you just told us.  Either the previous explanation is bad or the question is bad.  I'm so sick of questions that don't have a clear answer.  Don't give us 3 poor choices with the 4th option being "none of the above".  I want to pick the option closest to what was just explained.  And if I get that wrong, it is poor teaching.

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19 Nov 2023


Hi Fred,

Thanks for your candid feedback. We'll review the quiz questions of the Intro to Data Science course. I'm aware that some of them can be improved. Appreciate bringing this to my attention.



Posted on:

28 Dec 2023


Based on your analysis you can predict the future, or do analytics. The question and answer are not flawed. You just have to understand the questions they are giving you.

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