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27 Oct 2021

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26 Oct 2021


Resolved: Trying to retaking a final exam!

It says that I need 30 mins of watch time to retake the final exam of a course. However after 25 mins of watch time, it still says 30 mins instead of 5. Does it keep saying 30 until I finish the watch time or should it be decreasing while I watch??

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Posted on:

27 Oct 2021


Hi Amir,
thanks for reaching out! Can you try and watch a lecture from the seven required courses in the track - they should be courses 2 through 8 and check if there's any change in the timer?
Let me know if there's still no change.

365 Eli

Posted on:

27 Oct 2021


Thanks Eli for your help,

I got to know how it works, you simply need to watch 30 minutes of the same course you want to retake its exam, not any other course.

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