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18 Sept 2023

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22 Aug 2023


We can just use Q_1 in the formula instead of indirect function. So why using Indirect function?

We can just use Q_x (x=1, 2,3). 

I mean : =Vlookup(B25;Q_1;2;FALSE)

Instead of : =Vlookup(B25;INDIRECT(C24);2;FALSE)

So I was wondering what is the added value of using indirect fonction in the formula?

Thank you in advance.

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16 Sept 2023


Hi rajaonarivony!

Thanks for reaching out.

Named ranges help you organize the data of your sheet in an efficient way. 

Then, sometimes in computations we need to refer to many cells and, analytically speaking, it might become harder to trace where the numbers used in the formulas come from. In that case, INDIRECT() gives you a good indication on where are some of the values in a formula derived from.

Also, and more importantly, if you want to apply the same formula for several sets/subselections of data in your sheet, instead of changing the entire formula for each subselection, you can just change a referenced cell in it.

Hope this helps.

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18 Sept 2023



Thank you!!

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