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23 Mar 2022

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08 Mar 2022


What is Algorithm? Non-tech beginner wants to know.

As a beginner from a non-tech background, I need to know the definition of algorithm. It will help me relate to the ML concept better.

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23 Mar 2022


Hi Md. Ariful Amin!

Thanks for reaching out.

Your question is quite on point not only for this course, but for our entire program.

In general, an algorithm is any set of rules you may use to solve a given task (you can even think of a recipe you use to cook a meal). So, an algorithm may represent a set of rules used for the solution of any problem-solving activity.

In the context of data science, algorithm may be applied to a few types of actions or operations. But it always refers to a set of rules - rules to be followed for executing mathematical operations, for instance. Because we use computers today for all sorts of computations, more often than not, algorithm refers to computations executed by a computer.

Hope this helps.

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