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21 Jan 2022

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20 Jan 2022


Resolved: Non Digital Data Tranformation?

What if a business/company is moving into all digital but currently has all its historical data into a paper-based (non-digitized) format. Can the data transformation/data digitization be considered as a pillar of data analytics?

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21 Jan 2022


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I suppose it is all matter of interpretation of the most-widely used terms in the field today. In that sense, I think you are rather referring to digital transformation (which is a term encompassing a larger set of activities) rather than data transformation or digitization, which are more specific.
In any case, I would rather name another broad term as a pillar of data analytics, and that would be data collection. The reason is that to analyse and work with data in general, you need to have it. So, whether you will be obtaining it in digital format directly or you will have to go through data transformation, becomes the means to collect the relevant data.

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