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24 Mar 2022

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21 Mar 2022


Why would someone choose to visualize data with programming languages when easy software is there?

I just wondered why would a person code with R or Python and use relatively harder to understand concepts and libraries when they can easily vizualize their data with easy softwares such as Excel or Tableau? A person may use programming languages to preprocess and analyze the data or obtain certain complex statistical computations from it that DO require coding, but why also use coding to vizualize while they can easily export the processed data from python or R into a CSV file and then use it by Excel or Tableau for vizualizing? I actually see no point yet in learning libraries like matplotlib or ggplot etc, when you have softwares that are easier to use and often produce more beautiful results to be honest.
Thank you so much for this fantastic course though!

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24 Mar 2022


Hi Anas,
thanks for reaching out! You're absolutely right, using Tableau is a lot more intuitive than using Python or R, at least for most people. What Python and R have is that they are programming languages, this means that they can do a lot more than simply visualizing data sets. You can perform preprocessing, data analysis and advanced analytics all with the same tool. And that's why some people prefer it. But if your focus is solely on data visualization, then Tableau or Excel would probably be a better fit.

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