Agile and Scrum Project Management

with Ivan Vaptsarov

Learn the modern project management frameworks and concepts applied in complex tech and software development projects.

1 hour 17 lessons
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Course Overview

This course presents and compares some of the most popular project management frameworks. According to the traditional approach, all projects follow the conventional lifecycle of initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and control, and closure. The first part of the course focuses on one example of such type of approach — the so-called Waterfall framework. According to it, activities have a defined start, end, and order and changes to the plan during the execution stage should be avoided. There are, however, certain types of initiatives containing uncertainties that are difficult to structure in a clear manner. Such projects have fewer hard dependencies between deliverables and the best way to order activities is not always obvious beforehand. The next part of the course covers the Agile framework which is suitable for such situations. It is much more flexible than the traditional approach, allowing for changes and uncertainties during the execution phase. Based on Agile principles, SCRUM is a framework for managing complex projects, such as software development. Next, the course covers in detail this framework. It concludes with a comparison of the Agile and Waterfall project management concepts.

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Topics covered

Business fundamentalsTheory

What You'll Learn

This course covers modern project management techniques suitable for simple and complex projects.

You will learn how to use the Agile and SCRUM project management methodologies
Be able to compare Agile and Waterfall
Get familiar with the Agile project structure
Learn about the SCRUM project structure, user stories, EPICs, Backlog, Releases, MVP


  • Agile
    6 Lessons 33 Min

    In this section, we will discuss why in certain situations the traditional waterfall project management structure is not optimal. Then, you will be introduced to Agile and the Agile project structure.

    Waterfall A different kind of project Where Waterfall falls short Introducing Agile Agile project structure The product development
    8 Lessons 36 Min

    The next section of the course introduces you to a specific Agile methodology called SCRUM The lessons cover the SCRUM project structure, user stories, EPICs, Backlog, Releases, MVP, and more.

    Introduction Project structure User stories EPICs Backlog, Releases, MVP Product owner Development team Scrum master
  • Agile vs Waterfall
    3 Lessons 14 Min

    The course concludes with a section comparing and analysing the Agile and Waterfall project management frameworks.

    Agile vs Waterfall - Comparison Agile vs Waterfall - Analysis Agile vs Waterfall - Conclusions
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Totally loved this one. I got to understand a lot better what these terms I hear at work really mean; Epics, User Stories, Points, etc. I now understand better about these project structures. Content well delivered as well.
He provided clear definitions of both PM models with suitable examples.

“Not all projects follow the traditional linear structure. In some industries, it is highly desired to be flexible and adapt to changing circumstances. This is precisely when Agile and SCRUM can be very helpful.”

Ivan Vaptsarov
Worked at AIG