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Tina Huang

How to Use Data to Grow Your Business

Scale your organization with the power of data! Learn how you can bring FAANG data strategies to bear on the success of any size venture directly from an industry insider.


Tap into the Limitless Scaling Potential of Data

In order to grow their topline business, many companies choose to budget capital based on a combination of intuition and pre-established industry practices. Although these techniques work well enough for new businesses that have many low-hanging fruits, it becomes harder and harder to grow when the obvious opportunities have all been exploited. Moreover, there may be blue oceans that are never explored and still lie outside the scope of the business. In this training, Tina Huang outlines the data-driven growth mechanisms that top tech companies use to hyper-scale their businesses. The strategies covered by Tina do not require tremendous amounts of data or technology, but more so an understanding of how opportunities are uncovered, decisions are made, and execution and results are tracked. Tina will walk you through this process step by step so you can start employing winning data techniques in scaling your business.

Improve Data Efficiency to Move Your Business Forward

Learn Industry-vetted Data Tactics

Drive conversion metrics and boost execution efficiency with data-powered growth strategies coined by trillion-dollar companies.

Increase Bottom-line Growth

Leverage the experimentation frameworks of blue-chip corporations to unlock new markets and precision-tune your strategic messaging.

Improve Data Buildout

Position your company for sustainable data-fueled growth through cost-efficient infrastructure scale-ups.

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"In 2007, Facebook’s user growth had plateaued at around 90M monthly active users. But using the strategies we’re going to discuss in this training, today’s Facebook platform boasts a user base in the billions."

Tina Huang

Who Is This Course For

Business Leaders

You take organizations to new heights of prosperity with top-notch leadership and practical data skills

Data Scientists

You assist businesses with their decision-making using your analytical, and data storytelling skills

Level Of Difficulty

How to Use Data to Grow Your Business is an advanced-level training that requires specific working knowledge on the topic. Professionals who lack relevant background and experience are encouraged to dedicate considerable time to self-preparation before the event to meet the necessary prerequisites. Contact us to discuss in detail if the training is suitable for your team.

Meet Tina Huang

One of the best-known and most liked personalities in the data community, Tina is a successful YouTuber and works with one of the FAANG companies

Works at the FAANG companies

Here’s What Your Team Will Learn

  • Master data-driven growth
  • Amp up precision marketing
  • Boost conversion rates
  • Unlock new market opportunities
  • Improve data infrastructure
  • Scale experimentation and testing


  • 2 hours 30 min
  • Introduction 15 min
    The Growth Framework 15 min
    Stage 1 Maturity 30 min

    State of Affairs

    Example Project

    How to Get to The Next Stage of Data Maturity

    How to Make The Argument for More Funding

    Stage 2 Maturity 40 min

    State of Affairs

    Example Project

    How to Get to The Next Stage of Data Maturity

    How to Make The Argument for More Funding

    Stage 3 Maturity 20 min

    State of Affairs

    Example Project

    What to Do Next

    Q&A Session 30 min
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