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29 Aug 2021

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28 Aug 2021


Resolved: Error with the formula Index match match

Hi there!
I have a problem typing the formula in my excel (Macbook)
I've typed :
=INDEX(C6:C10;MATCH(B25;B6:B10;0), MATCH(C24;C5:N5;0)) As a formula but I still have the error message "are you typing a formula"

Can someone help me fix this problem ?

Thank you for your help!

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Posted on:

29 Aug 2021


Hi Vincent!

Thanks for reaching out.

I manage to copy and paste the formula on my end and it seems to be working. Can you please share a safe link (or send an email at containing the excel file in question, so that we can look at it and see how we can solve the problem? Thank you.

Looking forward to your answer.

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