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01 Dec 2021

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17 Nov 2021


get confused with indirect function

I am really confused with this function . I have three questions for the shown examole as follows :
1- why we should use the indirect formula with the cell ranges we create as this (Indirect"C$19") , when i tried to use the formula as this (C$19) as a lookup array "without the indirect formula" the output was #N/A .. why ?
2- why we didn't put the C$19 between two commas " " to make the indirect formula read it as a text . when i tried this , also the output was #N/A .
3- Why we included the indirect formula with the vlookup array . I mean what is the difference between this and when we specify the lookup array by selecting it manually . the vlookup will be also works as a dynamic function ?
Many thanks ,

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01 Dec 2021


Hi Ahmed!

Thanks for reaching out.

1 & 2) INDIRECT() is a function that will allow you to use the values contained in the cell referred to in the argument of the INDIRECT() funciton. For example, if in C19 we have written A5, then INDIRECT(C19) will refer to the value used in A5, not C19.
3) Using INDIRECT to change the reference used in a formula rather than changing the formula itself.

Hope this helps.

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