Data Scientist Cover Letter Sample and Template (2024)

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Marta Teneva 15 Jan 2024 1 min read

data scientist cover letter example and template

Data Scientist Cover Letter Template

Writing an outstanding data scientist cover letter is a vital step in your job search journey.

When writing a cover letter, make sure to tailor it to the specific job posting:

  • research your target company and use your cover letter to highlight how they’ll benefit from hiring you;
  • explain how your skills and qualifications will help the employer reach their business goals.

The following data scientist cover letter example will help you write a cover letter that best underscores your qualifications and experience.

You can download this template easily and personalize your letter in minutes!

Once you’re ready, all you have to do is pair it with your resume and submit your job application with confidence.

data scientist cover letter example and template

Data Scientist Cover Letter Template (Text Format)








Dear [Mr./Mrs./Ms.] [Hiring Manager’s Name],

As a Master in Computer Science and a data scientist with 3 years of experience, I have become quite skilled at predictive modeling, machine learning, and advanced analytics. I am glad to count employing advanced machine learning techniques to predict the sales of new services with a 97% accuracy rate among my numerous professional accomplishments.

I would be happy to bring my robust skillset and the highest quality of service to [Company Name] as the next Data Scientist. And I am confident that my expertise will support your need for customized machine learning solutions including data querying and knowledge extraction.

At present, I am a Data Scientist at [Current Employer], a company with an established reputation in [industry/area of service].

My wins at [Current Employer] include:

  • Creating and implementing data models that contributed to achieving 25% higher returns compared to previous years
  • Developing workflows for conducting comparative analysis among diverse data sources and generalized approaches developed both in-house and externally

I look forward to discussing with you how my skills and experience can successfully translate to higher returns at [Company Name] and achieving the company’s most ambitious data science goals.


[Your Name]

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