Data Analyst Resume Sample and Template (2024)

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Marta Teneva 16 Jan 2024 4 min read

A winning resume must be tailored to a particular job ad, brief, easy to scan, and mistake-free. At the same time, it must showcase your qualifications and experience in a way that will compel the employer to call you in for the coveted data analyst interview.

So, how can you craft a data analyst resume that hits all these requirements?

Download our data analyst resume sample and follow our practical tips to tailor it to your needs and impress employers.

Tips for a Winning Data Analyst Resume

For starters—especially for entry-level data analyst jobs—don’t fuss over consistency or details from the get-go. Write down the relevant experiences that first run through your mind: education, data analyst internships, skills, projects, publications, and certificates.

Once you list all the information you need on the page, you can start organizing it. The layout and contents may vary depending on your goals and experience, but some rules always apply.

  • Formatting Matters

Your resume’s formatting and overall look determine the recruiter’s first impression. Even if your content is perfect, it may end up in the rejection pile if cluttered and hard to read. So, use a simple and clean format to ensure recruiters and automated screening systems can read it.

  • Keywords

Some big companies may use applicant tracking systems to screen the numerous data analyst resumes they receive. So, use plenty of relevant keywords to pass this stage—backed by experience, of course, to impress employers. But how do you know what these keywords are? Check the job requirements and tailor your resume to them.

  • Relevant Skills

Our recent data analyst job outlook research revealed the most sought-after skills and tools in 2024. More than half of employers require excellent Excel skills. Data visualization is also crucial, and a good command of Tableau, Power BI, and PowerPoint is considered a benefit.

But the most important tool to add to your data analyst resume is SQL—mentioned in 63% of job listings. Python appears in 33% of job ads. Knowing another programming language may give you an edge over other applicants, but it isn’t necessary.


These rules apply to every data analyst candidate in 2024. But if you have no experience, consider the following when writing your data analyst resume.

Entry-Level Data Analyst Resume

  • Skills-Focused

If you lack relevant work experience, start with the education and certifications you’ve earned. A dedicated skills section in your data analyst resume is also crucial. But don’t just list what you’ve learned—describe how you’ve obtained and applied these skills. Maybe you’ve mastered Excel in a previous job or worked on a Python project as part of a certification program—any experience matters.

  • Relevant Projects and Publications

Employers want to see capability and initiative. And if you can’t demonstrate your expertise through previous jobs, include all data analytics projects and publications you’ve worked on. Emphasize your contributions if it was collaborative work and the skills and tools you used to complete it.

Senior Data Analyst Resume

  • Numbers and Metrics

Demonstrate your impact on key project outcomes using strong action verbs and numbers. Did you head the research project that led to an increase in sales? Make sure to mention the percentage increase or generated revenue. Have you built a dashboard that saved your colleagues hours of manual work? Include an estimate of the time your work saved them.

  • Relevant Experience

When you accumulate significant experience, deciding what to include in your data analyst resume may take time. But it’s crucial to keep it concise and to the point. You don’t need to list every detail of your daily tasks. Focus on the relevant skills to the job you’re applying for and emphasize your strengths when describing your work experience.

Data Analyst Resume Sample

Consider our data analyst resume example that ensures your application is noticed. It will help you demonstrate your skillset and expertise and make an instant impression with appealing fonts, accurate spacing, and an elegant look.

Download our data analyst resume sample for free and customize it to your needs.

Data analyst resume template

Use this data analyst resume sample to tailor it to your experience and desired position. Pair it with a compelling cover letter and confidently submit your job application.

Our field experts have prepared a comprehensive course to help you get started. With Starting a Career in Data Science: Project Portfolio, Resume, and Interview Process, you can improve your chances of being shortlisted and passing the data analyst interview with flying colors.

We’ve also prepared a list of free resources to help you land your dream job.

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What’s Next?

Downloading our data analyst resume sample and tailoring it to your needs is the first step to landing your dream job. Follow our practical tips and guides to impress employers with your impeccable cover letter and knowledgeable answers during the job interview.

And if you lack some of the required skills, you’ll find everything you need in our Data Analyst Career Track. Start learning today and enhance your resume with data analysis, cleaning, preprocessing, management, visualization, statistics, Python, R, and other relevant certifications.

Marta Teneva

Senior Copywriter

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