Data Analyst Resume Sample and Template

Marta Teneva 15 Sept 2021 1 min read

Data analyst resume sample and downloadable template

Data Analyst Resume Downloadable Template

A winning data analyst resume must be tailored to a particular job ad, brief, easy to scan, and mistake-free. At the same time, it has to showcase your qualifications and experience in a way that will compel the employer to call you in for the coveted data analyst interview.

So, how can you craft a data analyst resume that hits all of the above requirements?

For starters, and that is especially true for entry-level candidates, don’t fuss over consistency or details from the get-go. Just note down all relevant experiences that run through your mind – education, data analyst internships, job-specific skills you have mastered, data analyst projects and publications, and certificates under your belt. Once you list all the information you need on the page, you can start organizing the parts of your data analyst resume. If you lack plenty of years on the job, start with education. Then continue with relevant employment history, data analyst projects you’ve worked on, data analyst skills and certifications.

However, even if your resume is perfect content-wise, it can still end up in the “maybe later” pile if its formatting is less than impeccable.

The following data analyst resume example won't let your data analyst resume go unnoticed. It will help you write a resume that not only demonstrates your skill set and expertise but will also make an instant great impression with appealing font, accurate spacing, and elegant look.

You can download this template easily and customize your resume in minutes!

Once you’re ready, all you have to do is pair it with your cover letter and submit your job application with confidence.

Data analyst resume template

Data Analyst Resume Text Sample

Your Name and Contact Information

Data Analyst

Result-oriented individual with strong Business Intelligence and Analytics background. Seeking to utilize hands-on machine learning and data-driven experience as a Data Analyst at [Company Name]. Coming with expert knowledge of SQL, Tableau, Python, R, Probability, Statistics, Mathematics, and ability to work in a cross-functional team.


GISMA Business School (Berlin, Germany)

Master in Business Intelligence & Analytics (Apr 2019)

Completed Coursework: Advanced Data Modeling, Advance Data Discovery, Advanced Data Visualization and Advanced Qualitative & Quantitative Analytics

WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management (Vallendar, Germany)

BA in International Business Administration (Jul 2017)

Data Science Projects and Publications

Human Resources Analytics/Predicting Employee Churn in Python

House Prices: Advanced Regression Techniques


Lufthansa, Germany (May 2019- July 2020)

Pricing operation assistant

  • Deployed a new stabilized dashboard for real-time price integrated customer Information, optimized the data-driven decision making, and revamped price strategies
  • Identified and deciphered the potential customer behavior, secured customer information, and safeguarded the privacy by expunging software problems
  • Reconstructed the reliable customer product and maintained the minimum customer churn based on the highly qualified algorithms
  • Identified opportunities to improve the numbers of ticket sales by 20%
  • Increased numbers of fresh membership more than 800 people per year


Python | R | SQL | Excel | UML/ER modeling | Talend ETL | Tableau | Power BI | MicroStrategy | SPSS


SQL+Tableau+Python | 365 Data Science

Introduction to R Programming | 365 Data Science

Machine Learning in Python | 365 Data Science


Snooker | table tennis | badminton


English | German

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