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16 Nov 2023

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29 Oct 2023


business analytics

why the example of Optimization of drilling operation is not considered a business analytics?

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30 Oct 2023


Hi Ahmed,

Drilling operations, especially in industries like oil and gas, produce massive amounts of data. Sensors placed on drilling equipment collect data on temperature, pressure, torque, rotation speed, and more, often at high frequencies.

The relationships between different variables in drilling operations can be highly complex. Simple statistical methods might not capture these relationships adequately. Advanced machine learning algorithms, a core component of data science, can model these complexities and offer predictions or insights based on them.

For these reasons the optimization of drilling operations is much more likely part of the data science domain rather than the business analytics domain.



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16 Nov 2023


Simple answer to that, in my opinion, is that the Oil and Gas industry doesn't really care about technical stuffs in drilling activities. Although the result of drilling can directly affect the amount of Oil/Gass extracted, but a manager in this industry might claim that "It's not my concern. What I should take care of is the amount of Oil/Gas I'm going to sell this month. What I should concern is the market status. What I should focus on is the current crisis that might affect my Business."
They look at the drilling process as something NEEDED but out of their business area.
That was why drilling actvities didn't fit into the Business Analytics box.

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