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04 May 2024

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07 Apr 2024


difference between metrics and measures

the example average of revenue per customer is a measure why i have to consider a metric

can u clearify the diffrence between measure and metric

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Posted on:

04 May 2024


Hi amr!

Thanks for reaching out.

Think of the difference rather as a conceptual one. Yes, the measure is a number, but it's a number on it's own, i.e. it is unit-specific (e.g. the wall is 5 yards long, 10 feet high etc.). A metric doesn't require units, it is about exploring a relationship between numbers. It is about combining measures and data points to explore the relationship between them, create e report etc. That's why we consider the average customer revenue a metric - it equals the sum of all sales, divided by the number of customers, to tell us how much revenue does a new customer bring in to the company, on average.   

Hope this helps.

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