Convolutional Neural Networks with TensorFlow in Python

with Nikola Pulev and Iskren Vankov

Introducing you to the fundamentals of convolutional neural networks (CNNs) and computer vision. We will learn about what makes CNNs tick, discuss some effective techniques to improve their performance, and undertake a big practical project.

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Course Overview

This course offers a deep dive into an advanced neural network construction – convolutional neural networks. First, we explain the concept of image kernels, and how it relates to CNNs. Then, you will get familiar with the CNN itself, its building blocks, and what makes this kind of network necessary for computer vision. You’ll apply the theoretical bit to the MNIST example using TensorFlow, and understand how to track and visualize useful metrics using TensorBoard in a dedicated practical section. Later in the course, you’ll be introduced to a handful of techniques to improve the performance of neural networks, and a huge real-world practical project for classifying fashion item pictures. Finally, we will cap it all off with an intriguing look through the history of the most influential CNN architectures.

Topics covered

Jupytermachine learningProgrammingPythonTheory

What You'll Learn

Introducing you to the workings of convolutional neural networks (CNNs) and computer vision. You will learn the basics of convolution and its role in CNNs, as well as the main structure of such networks and how to implement them in practice.

Learn the fundamentals of CNNs 
Get the hang of convolution 
Perform computer vision 
Master working with TensorFlow and Tensorboard 
Approach multilabel classification 
Understand kernels 


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I'm learning a lot and wish I'd get a scholarship to study these things more closely. In addition, I plan to finish this course before my time elapses on the platform because I really love how complicated concepts are shattered into simplified pieces. I've never understood CNN this much. Ezekiel (Nigeria), email (
I have learned a lot in this theory. I will have to rewatch this a couple of time again for a maximum understanding as it is a power to understand how things work in the background.
Spotless! Never have I attended an online course where every key element of the course is so clearly explained and made easy to digest, so thankful!
I enjoyed and have fun with the learnings. With that and more practices, I am ready for labelling items in my Sustainable Project Management
Great lecture on CNN .Everything on to the point and Instructor explained well with great visuals . Thanks to the creator
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Nikola Pulev

“This course is a fantastic training opportunity to help you gain insights into the rapidly expanding field of Deep Learning and Computer Vision through the use of Convolutional Neural Networks. By the end of this course, you will be completely equipped with all the tools you need to confidently work on CNN projects!”

Nikola Pulev

Silver medal at Physics Olympiad

Convolutional Neural Networks with TensorFlow in Python

with Nikola Pulev and Iskren Vankov

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