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Can I write articles and contribute to your blog?

We’re all about knowledge sharing and learning, which is why our members and industry colleagues are welcome to contribute to our blog on all topics around data science and related areas. If you want to write an article, please send us the following at team@365datascience.com:

  • A brief overview of your background, qualifications, and experience
  • Links to your published articles and/or other relevant editorial work

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Once we receive all the relevant information, we will carefully evaluate whether your field and degree of expertise adds value to our audience and will get back to you with a topic we would like you to write about.

If you already have a pre-written article, or you want to explore a topic of your own choice, we recommend checking with us before sending in a full draft. You can provide an outline at team@365datascience.com including the following:

  • The topic you want to cover
  • The approximate article length (number of words)
  • The sources and additional content you’ll use to create your piece

All approved blog contributors will receive the 365 Data Science Style Guide for reference and directions on brand voice, tone, and writing style.

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