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How do I get a Career Track Certificate?

Take the following five steps to earn a Career Track Certificate: 

  1. Enroll for one of the three career tracks we currently offer. Each career track includes 10 individual courses: one optional, seven required, and two electives.


  1. Choose your electives. 

 Career Track - Electives

  1. Take the classes. You may watch relevant video lessons and complete practice exams. 
  2. Pass nine course exams.  Note that you’re not obligated to complete all lessons before your first attempt. Whether you’ve passed or failed, however, you must watch at least 30 minutes of course-specific video content whenever you wish to retake a course exam. 
  3. Take the final exam. If you pass all nine course exams within a track, you’ll be eligible to take a rigorous final exam covering topics from all relevant courses. Once you pass the final exam, you receive a Career Track Certificate. Congratulations—you’re a step closer to achieving your goals. 

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