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What types of exams can I take?

365 Data Science offers three types of exams: practice, course, and final exams.  

Types of exams

Practice Exams – Courses may contain a different number of practice exams. These exams are optional, case-based, and timed and test your theoretical and practical knowledge on a specific topic to prepare you for the course exam. Some of them may require you to download a worksheet or a dataset. You’ll find them at the end of the course section. You may retake an exam an unlimited number of times. But please note that no certificate is granted upon completing practice exams; they are just a way to check what you’ve learned. 

Course Exams – These exams are case-based, timed, and accessible to enrolled students who wish to test their practical and theoretical comprehension of course-specific topics using various datasets. A passing score of 60% is required to be eligible for a Course Certificate. Please note that you’re not obligated to complete all course lessons before your first attempt. But you must watch at least 30 minutes of course-specific video content whenever you wish to retake a course exam. 

Since we have your best interests at heart, we allow you to retake a course exam limitless times. Be aware, however, that questions must be completed in one sitting, and you must receive an evaluation before quitting.  Go to Exams > Course Exams > Start Exam to take a course exam.

Final Exams – These exams are case-based and timed. A passing score of 60% is required to be eligible for a Career Track Certificate. Using various datasets, they test students’ knowledge of all topics covered in a specific career track. Final exams are accessible to enrolled students who have passed the nine mandatory course exams within a particular career track. 

We strive to provide significant flexibility to all our students, so we encourage an exam retake for anyone who did not pass their first attempt. You must watch at least 30 minutes of the content  in any of the seven required courses and two electives in the career track to unlock the exam for a second attempt. If you fail again, however, the final exam will remain locked for three months before the platform allows another exam retake. Keep in mind that case studies and questions will differ among exams.  

Our extensive course material lays a solid foundation of knowledge, and we currently have no score improvement option for final exams. Once you pass a final exam (60% or above), your score becomes unchangeable. So, ensure you’re confident enough in your skills before clicking the Start Exam button. But be aware that exam questions must be completed in one sitting, and you must receive an evaluation before quitting.  Go to Exams > Career Track Exams > Start Exam to take a final exam.

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