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What’s a career track?

A career track is a set of 10 courses that enable you to build the right skills to excel in a specific data science role. Career tracks allow you to experience a new way of learning. Currently, we offer three career tracks for the following professions: 

Each career track includes one optional course, seven required courses, and two electives. They’re organized sequentially, with each course building on what you’ve learned from the previous one. We don’t expect you to complete some or all career track courses in the given order—you’re free to customize your learning journey according to your preferences and needs.  

If you pass the nine course exams within a career track, you can take a final exam and earn a Career Track Certificate. Enrolled students can access all available career tracks anytime, in any order. Please note that individual courses could be part of more than one career track. Once you pass a course exam, your score will be automatically transferred to all relevant career tracks. 

You can access all career tracks in the following way: 

  1. Log in to the platform with your credentials;
  2. Navigate to Career Tracks; 
  3. Choose a career track;
  4. Click on Enroll Now.

If you’re new to the platform, you can create a free account to view the unlocked lessons in each career track. 

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