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Do I have to follow a career track?

You don’t need to follow a career track to access our courses. Career tracks are simply a way for us to guide enrolled students on the most relevant courses to prepare for a specific career. They allow you to experience a new way of learning and are not mandatory to complete. 

If you prefer choosing your curriculum rather than enrolling in a career track, you can directly access all our courses in the Course Library. We divided our Course Library into four modules organized in a sequence, each building on what you’ve learned from the previous one. 

Each module contains individual courses with practice exams to test your knowledge and develop your technical skills.  You’ll receive a certificate of achievement upon passing a course exam whether or not you’ve watched all course-related content.  

Please follow the steps below to access the individual courses: 

  1. Log in to the platform with your credentials;
  2. Select Courses; 
  3. Navigate to Course Library; 
  4. Choose any of the modules from the menu to access a course. 

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